Legend has it, Legendary started in Oak Bluffs. We met the summer of ‘93 playing pick-up basketball in Niantic Park. Every summer since has forged fond memories of Martha’s Vineyard, from working at the local grocer Cronig’s, to riding rental bikes around Oak Bluffs, to swimming in the frigid waters of Inkwell beach, and hanging out by the bandstand in Ocean Park. Each ferry boat would bring friends, both old and new, back to the island which, unbeknownst to us all, would become Legendary. 

People always ask who’s the man featured in the center of our seal. It’s the likeness of James’ great grandfather Rufus M. Peterson, affectionately known as Bear Paw and/or Buffalo. He arrived in Martha’s Vineyard in the early 1950’s, and became a well-known figure in the Oak Bluffs community. His story is the perfect example of the American dream. In moving to the Vineyard from Connecticut, he and his wife slept in a tent on their land until they could afford to build a house. That house still stands today in the historic Highlands, a stone throw from the homes of Dorothy West, Adam Clayton Powell, and the Shearer Cottage. 

Legend has it, Legendary started with a text Jon sent with a photo of the Entering Oak Bluffs signage. That the text read, “This should be a t-shirt.” James agreed, created a new seal with Bear Paw in it, cleaned up the font, and sent the image back – what we now call our OGOB.  It was enough for us to have our own shirts. We made them on the highest quality tees we could find. Suddenly, however, all our friends and family started asking where they could buy one and we had a good problem on our hands. 

How’d we come up with Legendary? Well, after we sold out of our t-shirts, we agreed we had a business on our hands and to take the business seriously. In the first design for our website, James used three images to tell our story, each of which reflected the “Entering” Oak Bluffs motif - “Honoring” Oak Bluffs, “Entering” Oak Bluffs, and “Respecting” Oak Bluffs. Then it hit us. Oak Bluffs is Legendary. “Legendary” Oak Bluffs.

We’re a simple company. We make comfortable and durable goods that we stand by 100%. Whether you’re coming to the island for the first time, a Vineyarder, or an islander, Legendary apparel’s made for you. If we sell it, we wear it and we believe in it! We try very hard to use American manufacturers and/or ethically made garments. Legendary is about empowerment, independence, and family. Legendary is our company, but, Legendary is you too. No matter where you are, you can always find a way to Live Legendary. If not, hit us up. We’ll do our best to help.

Jon & James