Why Legendarymv.com? 3 reasons.

Quality Integrity Authenticity


We pride ourselves on the quality of our apparel. We don't offer it if we don't believe in it. Legendary has operated on the principles of quality and integrity from day one. We continue to do so.


We know our brand. Sounds simple, but, it's important to us. Legendary puts an emphasis on quality, integrity, clean design, authenticity, and engagement. We understand who we are and work hard to produce apparel that empowers you. That's the Legendary difference.


Two years ago, Legendary was the first and only apparel company to take the beach. Legendary was the first on Martha's Vineyard to produce the lace-up hoody. We originated the social club. Other Legendary firsts include the 3/4 length hoody aka the slub, Legendary five panel hats, the black socks, the zig-zag beanie, etc... We don't say this to brag. We work had to bring you original and engaging apparel. It's what we believe in.
Legendary Apparel Inc

The Legendary Team
"Live Legendary"

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